How to Use the Flip-Book
Flip-Book Flash Reader Instructions



  1. To enable full screen, click the box on the very bottom, left-hand corner of the window.   When you put your mouse over it, it should have a pop-up that says, "enable full screen."  Click on this option to enable. - To exit out of full-screen mode, hit Esc.
  2. To Zoom in, click on the little icon that looks like a magnifier with a "+" sign in the middle.  When you mouse over it, it should say, "Zoom in."  Once you are zoomed in, you can use your mouse to move the page up and down and click on the side arrows to go to the next or previous page.  *Note, to zoom out, click the same magnifier icon, which should have a "-"sign in the middle if you are zoomed in.
  3. To Scroll through the pages while zoomed-in, there are small arrows on either side of the text.  To advance forward, click the right arrow, to go back, click the left arrow.  To move up and down to read the page, simply move your mouse up or down and the page will scroll automatically.
  4. To Read with Bookmarks, click the icon that looks like a page.  On the mouseover, it should say, "Book Mark," and a list of bookmarks should appear.  You can click on a bookmark, and it will take you directly to that page.



Don't have flash?  Download here: Copyright © 2018 NCHLA