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EndRoe.org is still in  the process of being developed.  Efforts will continue to make the technical portions of this website easy to navigate, user friendly, fast, and visually appealing with interactive features.

Unfortunately, not all browsers are built the same.  Just because your browser pulls up the internet does not mean all the pages will look the same or have the same features as other browsers.

Making our website functional and cross-browser friendly is an ongoing goal. While most of the pages should have the same functionality, Internet Explorer 7 (and earlier) is not allowing all features to function properly and the speed to some of the features is sometimes slow.

For optimal viewing, we recommend first, Mozilla FIREFOX 3.5+. firefox The next best viewing, with small errors, are Google CHROME 4.0+ chrome and OPERA 10.1+ operaSAFARI 3.2+ safari, also is good. While usually used with MAC computers, it can also be used on a PC.  Internet EXPLORER has been working to resolve issues and has launched Internet EXPLORER 9 explorer. While I.E. 9 is more compatible than I.E. 7 and earlier versions, it still has conflicts.

wwwconstructThank you for your patience as we continue to improve our site!

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